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WAME International Conference for Medical Journal Editors

1-4 October 2015, New Delhi, India
About WAME

World Association of Medical Editors (pronounced “whammy”) established in 1995, is a nonprofit voluntary association of editors of peer-reviewed medical journals throughout the world who seek to foster international cooperation among and education of medical journal editors. read more+

WAME-Thriving in its First Decade

Bruce P Squires and Suzanne W Fletcher

March 2005 marks the 10th anniversary of the World Association for Medical Editors (WAME, pronounced whammy), a global organization of 1158 editors of peerreviewed biomedical journals representing 721 journals in 80 countries. Having emerged during the electronic era, WAME is almost entirely a virtual organization, maintaining its cohesion through a very active listserv and conducting most of its activities on its Web site, Its first decade has been one of hard work, rapid growth, and lively discussion. read more..

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