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WAME International Conference for Medical Journal Editors

1-4 October 2015, New Delhi, India
Award Winners
Dr Bruce Squires Best Abstract Award

1. Dr Ana Marusic, Croatia  Addressing duplicate publications
2. Dr Hemant Jain, India Plagiarism: Google vs others

Dr Bruce Squires Travel Award

1. Dr Guillermo Padron
2. Dr Animul Haque Khan
3. Dr Nasroallah Moradi Kor
4. Dr Jose Florencio Lapena Jr
5. Dr Jocalyn Clark
6. Part funding of 7 editors from Nepal

BMJ Research Integrity Award

Dr Nevzat Karabulut (Missed citations in biomedical journalism)

JCDR Best Poster Award

Parth Gada(An audit of RCTs publised in two high impact journals in 2013 to assess compliance with the CONSORT statement 2010)


1. Wolters Kluwer
     - US$ 10,000
2. Elsevier
     - US$ 10,000
3. Springer
     - Supported registration of 10 editors
5. Biomed Central
6. Byword Books


     - 8 editors from the region, complete funding
     - 2 each from Nepal and Bhutan
     - 1 each from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka
2. BP Koirala India Nepal Foundation
     - Part support for 5 editors from Nepal
     - 6 editors from the region, partial funding
     - Needed to submit an abstract
     - 2 each from Sudan, Egypt
     - 1 each from Iran and Pakistan
4. Support to editors from India enabling discounted registration

5. Department of Science and Technology
6. Medical Council of India
7. Indian Council of Medical Research


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2. Hotel Le Meridien

Award Winners

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