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Criteria for membership in WAME

WAME's activities are directed primarily toward editors of peer-reviewed biomedical journals and scholars who seriously study the discipline of scholarly medical publishing. Membership is free but individuals must meet the following criteria for membership.
Editors of peer-reviewed medical journals: Editors are defined as those responsible and accountable for selecting the scientific content of a peer-reviewed biomedical journal. A peer-reviewed biomedical journal is one that "regularly obtains advice on individual manuscripts from reviewers who are not part of the journal's editorial staff...the journal should have obtained external reviews for the majority of manuscripts it publishes, including all original research and review articles." [See the WAME definition of peer-reviewed biomedical journals.] Editors who meet these qualifications should Log On to the system and Register. The applicants will receive automatic e-mails and should follow the instructions therein. DO NOT submit multiple applications. Review of applications to determine eligibility may take up to a month; we appreciate your patience. 
Editors whose journals are not online must provide a copy of their journal's masthead and instructions for authors, and editors whose Web sites are in a language other than English must provide the masthead and instructions for authors translated into English. The masthead and instructions for authors should be sent to Peush Sahni.
Scholars: Applicants who are not current journal editors but are actively involved in the scholarly study of medical editing may also apply. Scholars should submit a letter to explaining their scholarly pursuits with bibliography and related activities. Scholars must be directly involved in scholarly examination of scientific publishing and peer review. Send the letter and related materials by e-mail to:
Peush Sahni, MD, PhD (
Chair, WAME Membership Committee

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